Animal M-Stak 21 PACKS (Animal)

ANABOLIC It promotes growth by improving nitrogen retention, nutrient distribution and insulin action, increasing protein synthesis and reducing catabolism. Powerful precursor of testosterone.
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It promotes growth by improving nitrogen retention, nutrient distribution and insulin action, increasing protein synthesis and reducing catabolism. Powerful precursor of testosterone.


If you are a serious athlete looking to develop your strength to the maximum and gain mass, Animal Stack is yourperfect product.

Like the rest of the Animal range, the Animal Stack is designed to function as a perfect set of synergistic substances, supported by each other to enhance the effects of each.

Each pack contains a powerful dose of patented ingredients whose effectiveness in raising natural testosterone levels has been more than proven.

It also contains natural aromatase inhibitors and DHT blockers, to prevent the conversion of any extra testosterone into estrogens.

It contains vasodilator complexes to increase blood flow and achieve better congestion and more powerful workouts.

Mainly, these vasodilator agents of ANIMAL STAK cause a volumizing effect, thus transporting a greater amount of nutrients and facilitating their retention.

Thanks to this effect of rapid supply to the body ANIMAL STAK, it provides greater resistance during exercise, a great increase in strength, better recovery and acceleration in growth.

There is nothing like Animal Stak in the world.

Just think of the blood flooding your body, feeding it nutrients and oxygen and giving you the feeling of brute force and congestion.

It's time to train, it's time to achieve your goals.

Functional benefits of Animal Stak:

  • Improves the whole body
  • Accumulation of fat-free mass.
  • Accumulation of lean mass.
  • Increases energy.
  • Improves recovery.
  • Increases protein synthesis.
  • Reduces protein catabolism.

With ANIMAL STAK you can feel a great increase in energy and strength from the first week.

In the weeks that follow, you will be able to see how your body reacts instantly from the first series.

Only with a can, you will increase between 4 and 7 kg your real body mass, that is, in just one month taking it.

Moreover, Animal Stak does not cause any kind of side effects, since it is a food supplement formed only by natural ingredients.


Data sheet

BCAA, Leucine
Muscle mass
Dosage per container

Specific References

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Nutrition Facts / 100 g

Nutritional information ANIMAL M-STAK 21 PACKS - (Animal)

Dose 1 Paquete (8 pastillas)

Dosage per container 21 servicios.

Daily Dose 1 Paquete (8 pastillas)

Amount Per Serving
AM Blue Capsule Comple (3 blue cápsules) Cyanotis vaga Extrac (whole plant) 20% 20-Hydroxyecdysone 187.5mg; Methoxyisoflavone 187,5mg; Ajuga turkestanica Extract (whole plant) 2% Turkesterone 187.5mg; Phytosterol (providing beta sitosterol) 187.5mg; Fenugreek Powder (seed) (Trigonella foenum-graecum) 472mg; Banana Extract (leaf) (Lagerstroemia speciosa) 1% corosolic acid 25mg; Cinnamon Bark Extract (Cinnamomum burmannii/cassia) (Cinnulin PF) 3% Type A Polymers 2mg; Lipoic Acid 1mg; Ginger Powder (root) (Zingiber offininale) 474mg; Grapefruit Powder (peel) (Citurs paradisi) 25mg; Citrus Bioflavonoids Powder (peel) 0.5mg.
AM White Tablet Complex (3 white tablets) L-Lecine 2816mg; L-Isoleucine 50mg; L-Valine 50 mg; L-Taurine 50mg; Actyl L-Carnitine 33mg; Whey (From MILK) 56mg.
AM Red Capsule Complex (8 red capsule) Caffeine 192.8mg; Kola Nut Powder (seed) (kola spp.) 192.8mg 4mg caffeine; Guarana Powder (seed) (Pauliinia cupans Hump.) 114.4mg 4mg caffeine.
AM Brown Tablet Complex (1 Brown Tablet) Panax ginseng Powder (root) 500mg; Kudzu Powder (root) (Pueraria spp.) 495mg; Siberian Gineseng Powder (root) (Eleutherococccus senticosus) 5mg; Whe (form MILK) 343mg.
Allergens Contien leche, soja y sulfitos. Puede contener cacahuetes, crustáceos, frutos de cáscara, huevo, leche, pescado, soja, trigo.
Tomar un paquete (pack) 1 vez al día durante 3 semanas (21 días). Los días con entrenamiento, tomar 1 pack 45 minutos antes del ejercicio y los días sin entrenamiento, tomar 1 pack entre comidas a la misma hora que los días con entrenamiento. Debido a los potentes efectos de este producto, es recomendable realizar una semana de pausa después de tres semanas de toma.

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