About us

Who are we?

We started our journey, in 2008, in the Canary Islands where health care, nutrition and sports practice represent, in many cases, the way of life of a large part of our population and, therefore, it is an ideal learning field.

A large part of our team has integrated, in their daily lives, physical activity since childhood and, therefore, we have not only accumulated experience and knowledge since 2008 but it has represented a modus vivendi since our childhood.

We have also received regulated university training and other official bodies on nutrition, sports nutrition, immunonutrition, dietary planning, etc ... In such a way that we have been able to make our catalog with rigor and knowledge.

Therefore, thousands of people have trusted us and we have been able to respond to all their concerns in a truthful, personalized way and with solid scientific bases.

NUTRITIUM was born from the motivation to be able to transfer all this work and enthusiasm beyond our borders. Our goal is to be what you expect.

We have also taken care that our website meets the highest demands in terms of security and privacy.

We hope that in our Online Shop you will find, for you, the passion and dedication that we have put into developing it and that you are part of this great family that in addition to sports performance seeks optimal health that helps us every day more to be happy.

We feel fortunate to be able to help you in your goals.

Thank you for trusting us!

Why choose us?

  • Our values: Our brand personality defines what we project of us: our principles, our emotions, values and ways of thinking.
  • We are honest: NUTRITIUM is not just a company that sells products, it is a big family that is governed by values of transparency, fairness and integrity. We believe in a job well done and honest human relationships.
  • We are positive: it is part of our way of being, we are positive and we want whoever comes to our stores to have a good time. Our smile is the best tool to treat customers and colleagues alike.
  • Our essence: the essence of NUTRITIUM is focused on the shopping experience. If you have enjoyed the purchase process, from the moment you enter our website until you unbox the package at home, we can give ourselves as satisfied.